a school with a football team – not a football school.

Posted on July 27, 2012

Penn State helped form all of us who experienced it. I surely remember fondly many football Saturdays and many great moments in Beaver Stadium, both as a student and now as a booster and season ticket holder. For me at PSU, though, football was 12 fall Saturdays and another game somewhere around New Years Day. A fraction of my experience there for sure.
What is Penn State to me? A place where I was challenged to think, learn, and prepare for my future. A place where I formed bonds with my house mates in Stuart Hall and Atherton Hall. A place where we danced in the halls after a victory in an intramural football game to the Stones tune “Shattered”. A place where, as part of an honors class, I met with a group of students weekly at our Professor’s home to drink tea and discuss Eastern Philosophy. A place where I was a student foremost but also had a chance to teach as a teaching assistant. And a place to be with friends and hang out at The Phyrst, The Skeller, Cafe 210 West, or wherever else our travels landed us.
The recent events have us all wounded, angry, frustrated, embarrassed, and first and foremost saddened and full of compassion for the victims. We have a chance more than ever to show our pride in State and help our university recover. As you discuss the events with others, remind them how much the school shaped your life and future. remind them we are not, and never have been a football school. We were, are, and will be a great school with a football team.